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Whether you need some beer for yourselves over christmas or want to treat you and a mate to a day with the brewer just click on the links below.


Beer In A Box comes in either 18 or 36 pints...

and can last as long as 7 days if you are not too thirsty!

Winter King
Pale Ale 4%

18 pints £34 36 pints £60

Santa's Elf
Pale Citrus 4.2%

18 pints £34 36 pints £60

Mrs Claus
Amber Ale 4%

18 pints £34 36 pints £60

Stout 5.5%

18 pints £34 36 pints £60

Apricot Ale 5%

18 pints £34 36 pints £60

Chestnut 4.5%

18 pints £34 36 pints £60

Anno X
APA 6.4%

18 pints £34 36 pints £60

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A Case of 12
A Case of 12
A Case of 12
A Case of 12

10 years and we are still going...

...and this is what we have been doing

Yes it has been 10 years since we decided that we wanted to start a micro-brewery in Derby. We quickly found a premises in Little Chester where we followed history and took our name Derventio from the Roman settlement which was set up between AD52-57 in Little Chester.

We quickly realised that the premises we had wasn’t big enough so we found some alternative premises at Trusley near Ashbourne where bought ourselves a 6 barrel plant.

Our very first brew was a best bitter coming in at 4.3% which we proudly entitled Centurion. Our second Venus is still going strong ten years on this is a fabulous pale ale we produce for our bottled range but which really excels in the cask.

Within the first two years we were bottling our own but soon found that the demand was too high and we had to contract this work out in order to meet the demands.

By our 3rd year we had grown enough to have our own brewery tap allowing us to facilitate brewery tours, private parties and a day with the brewer. It also brought us the onset of some regional awards for Vesuvius, Barbarian and Cleopatra.

With this success brought us our yearnings to head back to where we had initially started out on the banks of the mighty River Derwent where we have made our home in the World Heritage Site of Darley Abbey Mills. Being back in the CAMRA capital has really raised our profile alongside our fellow brewers and we are now the main sponsor for the . Our range has grown from strength to strength and we now support Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young Adults by being the main sponsor for The Real Ale Relay where we donate 750 bottles of beer to Derbyshire’s finest runners. Not bad for the first 10 years…

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