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Welcome to the home of Derventio Brewery Limited and our re-designed web site. We hope to keep this revised site up to date with the latest news about the brewery, including beers available and where you can buy it.

Latest News

Hairy Helmet Sponsorship

We are proud to sponsor the Hairy Helmet Fun run on the 14th June. Join in with a  team of 4 or just watch and have a pint. We have not yet finalised the beers which will be available, but I am sure one of them will be Cleopatra!

Strong Beers to Return? Your Choice

The discussion around the brewery this week was should we bring back our Strong beers which everyone loved, Vesuvius 6.5% abv and Caesar 6% abv. Its your choice, let us know your thoughts by email, facebook or twitter.

Recipes Wanted

We need your recipes, what would use our award winning Cleopatra to cook, maybe a Pork dish with a splash of Cleo? Let us know.

There's a Bat in the Brewery, what am I to do?

A Common Pipestrelle bat was found in brewery this week and was saved by Pete (the saviour).  It has now been taken by the Derbyshire Bat Conservation Group for recuperation and then will be released when better.

Monthly Special - June

We now have  available in cask  our monthly specials for June, Summer Solstice 4.0% ABV, a pale ale with overtones of ginger.

Coming Next Month

Next months special will be a new beer, Abbey Bitter 4.5% ABV . Order now and get it First.