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Beer In A Box comes in either 18 or 36 pints...

and can last as long as 7 days if you are not too thirsty!

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Emperors Whim
Hoppy 4.2%

18 pints £34 36 pints £60

Cherry Stout 5.5%

18 pints £34 36 pints £60

Amber Session 4.3%

18 pints £34 36 pints £60

Stout 5.5%

18 pints £34 36 pints £60

Apricot Ale 5%

18 pints £34 36 pints £60

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A Case of 12
A Case of 12

Latest News

Emperor's Whim is back in cask. This was our second beer we brought out and we are proud that people want it back in cask.

We are also proud to be supporting our favourite event in their 10th Anniversary. We have been supplying the beer for The Hairy Helmet Relay for 10 years now and this year in its 10th decade we are supporting the That Hairy Scary Helmet Relay too! This event is taking place on 18/10/19 see you there.

Look out for our new IPA that is coming soon called Starlight and is coming in at an ABV of 5%.

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