cASK beer range

We have a portfolio of a large number of cask beers, generally we have four different beers available in cask at any one time. The four beers consist of a monthly special, a seasonal and two regular beers. The current list of beers available is listed on the home page.

All beers are available in 4.5 gallon Pins, 9 gallon Firkins or 18 gallon Kilderkins.

bottled beers

We have a standard range of three different bottled beers, Emperor's Whim, Venus and Cleopatra.

From time to time we do special runs of hand bottled beer, taken from our cask range.

beer in a box

We can offer any of current cask beers in 10 litre (18 pints) and 20 litre (35 pints) beer in a box packaging for consumption at home, which are ideal for parties.

10 L Beer in a Box - £28

20 L Beer in a Box - £50

To order please contact us on 07525 689095 or email us at