Our Beer

Derventio is a six barrel craft brewery based within the world Heritage site in Darley Abbey on the banks of the river Derwent. All year round we produce our main range of 4 diverse beers which we hope cater for everyones palette.

We also produce seasonal brews and supply local businesses and events.


Session 3.8%

A traditional light amber session bitter using UK malt and hops.  The addition of Malted Oat Flakes gives the beer a richer and fuller mouth feel to enhance the drinking experience


Stout 5.5%

Our first brews of this stout in 2008 were very roasty and we soon realised that we would have to reduce the quantity of roasted barley malt. The flavours of chocolate, liquorice and coffee were then more pronounced and also giving more sweetness. In 2013 we first bottled this stout and it confirms how good it is.


Pale Ale 4.2%

This brew was created as a result of us sponsoring The Hairy Helmet Relay. We were asked to create a beer especially for the race so we did! We called it Golden Baton and the response from everyone was so good that we decided it to bottle and sell it. We just call it Gold and it has a hint citrus and makes it a great brew for the summer.


Amber ABV 5%

After a trip to Belgium to eat chocolate and drink beer a seed was sown to produce a fruity beer. After much discussion and reviewing beers on websites we decided to use an apricot flavouring, but before this we knew that we wanted a 5% pale beer using First Gold hops. It was amalgamated to produce this award winning, easy drinking, glorious beer.
Exceptionally pleasant in bottles which gives Cleopatra a sharper apricot taste and aroma.